Rune Sowilo - victory, guidance, mastery, wholeness, seat of the soul

“The guide leads you to the doorway, then waits for your return.”

I myself was out if balance and not as connected as I wanted and I am used to.

Due to sickness and being 4 days and nights on a boat ⛴️ with around 300 people crossing the amazonas I was not able to follow my habbits. 🫣🤯🤧🤮

That is okey and at the same time I payed my price. My awareness level lowered a lot, I even went into a kind of surviving mode. 🫠🫡

I wanted to be back in resonance and I could not. I have built s strong primal trust so I knew it is only a question of time to be back on track. 🌱🐺

And then the #magic happened 💫

When I felt good enough I did a meditation and I went really deep. I drank a lot of water and cooked my favorite food. Basic stuff.

And during the following day I had this moments of #joyfullness about small things, I started to laugh out loud and even to sing 🎶
I had the strong feeling of “I love the life - and life loves me” I am in love with life. I really am. 🥰😊

It seemed as the world was offering me so many beautiful things and wanted me to cheer. I am back in resonance. ☯️

And it was me who changed, who opened up for the magic and wonder of the world! 😮☀️ the world always wqs

I feel to being in balance again. And it is little that that is needed. 🍑

I invite you to build up this anker ⚓️- moments and (re)actions 🔄 that you can use to come back ⚖️ and remind you that you are a divine being! 🌌

If you have not have such an experencie of total #connectness and #absolutjoy, of #resonance yet, let me know and we plan a session together. 🤜🏽🤛🏽💪🏽

This #power and #gift is in everybody in us, sometimes we just block ourself or forget it. 🦍🐘🪶🌼🌸☯️

Hit me up and become superhuman! ✍️🎁🌌
Build up #primaltrust, experience #absolutjoy and feel #connected 🐺🪶🌊


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Out of balance in amazonzia